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Practice Management

We specialize in helping private and hospital based physicians practice in the areas of practice operations, financial management, coding, billing, business and clinical process workflow, marketing, and regulatory compliance.

Practice Solutions

Navigating the practice solution opportunities

HC3 Advisors helps practices develop the business and clinical processes and workflows required to optimize their investments in EMR , Practice Management, and backoffice business systems. We help clients achieve high performance through the integration of people, processes and technology.

Software Selection - At HC3 Advisors, we guide our clients through the selection process of Health IT systems (EMR, Practice Management, and other support applications) with the right mix of clinical and business functionality to support the practice processes. We engage your staff in optimizing your practice workflow to ensure that the right people have all the information that they need when they need it.

Implementation - Whether we helped you select your software or not, we will build and execute an implementation plan for the technology you’ve chosen. This plan includes:
•   Recommended project timeline with major phases and milestones
•   Key dependencies, tasks, skills and assignments

•   Project deliverables and benefit expectation tracking

•   Key considerations and decision points to minimize surprizes
•   Project staffing requirements, both internal and staff augmentation

•   Convert data from your existing system into your new software
•   Streamline and document your key business practices
•   Integrate your new software with your other technology systems as needed

Practice Analytics

Taping your practice's data for insights into performance and trends

Providers are challenged to stay current with a growing body of clinical evidence and then turn around and use it to affect decisions at the point of care. Our Practice Analytics helps gather all the relevant information required to run your practice and display it in easy to understand dashboards.

  • Data mining and analytics drives innovation and insight in healthcare delivery. These insights can lead to better outcomes in medical diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, and make for better health decision making

  • Predictive clinical decision support that predicts the likelihood of future events such as a patient's recovery time and the risk of complications

  • Financial and operational dashboards that support data-rich decisions making

  • Predictive patient modeling that allows you to analyze structured and unstructured clinical data such as the patient's: progress notes, admission records, test results to gain insights into their health and trajectory

Practice Performance

Equipping the practice with insights , processes, and technology all working in concert

Today the industry mantra is all about cost containment, cost reduction, and diminished resource utilization.  Physicians are constantly bombarded with new protocols, critical pathways, and process changes that purportedly lead to cost savings and improved patient care. We can help your practice navigate these waters by equipping you with vital information on how to better manage cost and improve the operational and financial performance of your practice. Some of the areas that we examine:

​Front Office Patient Services

•  Patient scheduling and reminders

•  Insurance eligibility verification

•  Patient workload

Clinical Solutions

•  Clinical workflow

•  Clinical technology

•  Charge capture

Backoffice Operations

•  Coding/billing

•  Payer contracts

•  Claims adjudication​

•  Receivables days

•  Net collections and net revenue

Practice Marketing

Billboards were at one time high-end marketing platforms. Today there are better ways to reach new and existing markets

Whether it is an engagement for a new practice or for an existing practice needing a revenue boost, marketing is a critical function. HC3 Advisors can assist physicians in reaching their financial goals through:

  • Tailored marketing effort and appropriate plan

  •  Develop proven marketing strategies to transform your practice into a more successful medical business

  • Increase Marketing and Advertising Effectiveness

  • Multiply Referrals, New Patients, and Re-Bookings

  • Internet Marketing, Social Media Advertising, and Search Engine Optimization

  • Attract Patients and Cases that match your Ideal Patient Profile

​Our team of marketing specialist with expertise in operations management, performance improvement, business partnerships and development, professional referral development, and focuses on addressing root issues and increasing revenue.

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