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Security & Compliance Advisory

With the emphasis on data security and the risk of data loss have become a significant risk for businesses. Government regulations are becoming stricter requiring tighter adherence to legal, regulatory, and industry operating guidelines to protect corporate and customer information. This requires businesses to implement more focused and stricter information and data governance policies, practices, auditing, and enforcement efforts.

We understand the critical balance between compliance and technology and that sometimes seemingly minor changes in technology strategy, policy, or process shifts can make the difference between success and failure of an audit outcome. HC3 Advisors can help navigate and position your organization to achieve and sustain successful outcomes.

Risk & Compliance
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We provide IT Risk & Compliance services that identify vulnerabilities and assess real business risks in order to comply with PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, and ISO 27000 mandates.

Risk & Compliance

While electronic methods provide increased efficiency and mobility, they also increase security risks facing healthcare institutions.


HC3 Advisors offers compliance assessments where we assess the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive and regulated information.

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI)


  • SOX

  • SOC I & II

At HC3 Advisors, we provide guidance to our clients how to manage IT related risks to balance the opportunities and threats arising from the use of technology and provide assurance over their IT controls.

  • Evaluate the design and effectiveness of technology controls throughout the business processes.

  • Provide data driven actionable insights into risk management mitigation steps.

  • Identify and communicate IT risk audit findings to management.

Audit Care

We help guide you through the planning, governance, controls, processes and everything else to consider in the audit process.

  • Strategies for Improving your Audit Process – helping management identify organizational risks and ensure teams consistently adhere to audit controls.

  • Audit Finding Trends – we can help show your audit data in a more illustrative presentation to more easily view trends and areas of strength and weakness.

  • Audit Management tools – All too often, teams spend too much time manually gathering and compiling results which could lead to errors and delays in reporting.

  • Material and significant Audit deficiencies reported – Analyze root causes and determine options to correct and strengthen compliance.

Organizations that can effectively navigate operational compliance overhead and have effective controls in place, will undoubtedly outperform their competition.

Audit Care

Identify and evaluate business and technology risks, internal controls which mitigate risks, and related opportunities for internal control improvements.


Our Virtual Security Program (V-CISO) and Security Consulting Services provide our clients with a strategic leadership and compliance to help keep your business secure.

VIRTUAL CISO - providing wide ranging expertise needed for incident response, compliance and the latest threat intelligence to address information security flaws and execute actionable mitigation strategies.

We approach engagements from multiple perspectives which include:

  • Cyber security Vulnerability and Risk assessments

  • Cyber security CISO information security Strategy & Design

  • Cyber security Policy and Plan development

  • Cyber security IT Risk Management and compliance consulting

  • Computer security Incident Response preparedness

  • Cyber security Operations Management consulting

Data Governance

Establishing a foundational data governance framework for stewardship is the first step in information governance. The framework should define ownership, responsibility and accountability for the quality, security and privacy of data. Organizations in all industries must come to realize the importance of ensuring that their data assets are managed and shared in a sensible and secure manner.

Many companies continue to struggle with data governance suffering from these common themes:

  • Data governance framework has not been fully defined or completely implemented.

  • Staff are not adequately educated and trained on data governance management practices.

  • Data lost due to staff negligence or inadequate data management and retention practices.

  • Cannot find records that are required for audit or ediscovery litigation.

Data Governance
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Our Data Governance service offering is a very specialized and customizable offering to help you define and establish data management standards and processes in your organization.

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