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Strategic Advisory

We understand the critical balance between people, process, and technology and that sometimes seemingly minor shifts can make the difference between success and failure. We help navigate our clients and position their organization to address future challenges while advancing strategic initiatives and resolving day-to-day operational issues.

Strategic Planning

When considering implementing new technology, it is important to have full disclosure of the potential impact to your organization so that your business leaders can make informed decisions.

HC3 Advisors’ strategy and technology consultants draw on their extensive years of experience and industry knowledge to help business leaders realize their objectives. Our common sense approach will help you build a sustainable IT Plan that supports your business. Our strategic focus areas:

  • IT Strategic Planning – have assisted with some of the most demanding and complex business initiatives from ERP implementations to complete business modernization.

  • IT Portfolio Management – similar to any investment portfolio, the IT portfolio must be managed to achieve alignment with the business strategy and the desired combination of short and long term returns.

  • Governance and Compliance – legal and regulatory requirements are complex and ever changing and require significant organizational planning and commitment to continue to achieve compliance.

  • Organizational Management – as conducting business is becoming increasingly more complex, we can help to structure your internal and external resources to efficiently meet your operational needs.

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning – we can assist in defining and developing the processes to support  your DR and BCP goals.

Program and Project Management

Skilled at leading and managing project teams through the complex processes of planning, design and implementation.

We help guide you through vision definition, governance, benefits management and realization, and everything else you need to consider to create and deliver new systems, processes, and business capabilities. We enable you to anticipate and respond quickly to project conditions and keep your project moving forward.

  • Budget Development – thorough and realistic review, and clearly outline anticipated costs.

  • ​​​Resource allocation – we help strategically direct your resources where they matter most.

  • ​In flight project Due Diligence – we undertake a comprehensive investigative process to verify the health of a project and the likelihood of success. We review all available project plans, conduct a thorough on-site inspection, and evaluate, analyze and document the project’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Post Project Reviews – independent project performance reviews of how you did including assessment of business outcomes.

  • ​Project Management Mentoring / Coaching – we will work with your project managers to enhance their skills all the while increasing the probability of success.

Organizations that understand the vital importance of excelling at project management, and act upon it, will undoubtedly outperform their competition

Strategic Analysis

Trained to perform diagnostic study of the business and its processes and requirements.

We approach engagements from multiple perspectives to ensure we asses all the most significant implications of the investment being considered. This often includes such things as: qualitative and quantitative benefits; direct and indirect costs; scorecards and direct benefit calculations.

  • Assess the financial and strategic impacts – costs, benefits, and ROI of IT investments to support decision making and planning.

  • Business value studies – to assist IT purchasers in understanding the qualitative and financial implications (ROI) of technology investments.

  • Business case development – using tools such as ROI calculators to help decision makers understand the technology investment implications.

  • Industry research – to quantify and articulate the business, financial, and strategic impact of the targeted technology on business performance.

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