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Business Optimization

We understand the critical balance between people, process, and technology and that sometimes seemingly minor shifts in your technology platform can make a big difference in your operational overhead and business capabilities.


We help navigate our clients and position their organization to address future challenges while advancing strategic initiatives and resolving day-to-day operational issues.

Business Technology Optimization

The process of taking your old business processes and technologies and optimizing them for efficiency.

Asset Management

Framework and set of processes for strategically tracking and managing the financial, physical, licensing, changes, and business value of IT assets through their lifecycle.

Operational Metrics & Reporting

How to turn application and infrastructure transactional data into meaningful business health and capability reporting.

Process Automation

Streamlining and automating IT services

Business Technology Optimization

Best practice technology and organizational structure alone will not maximize your financial results and provide exceptional customer service.

Understanding the connections between the outcomes the business values and the specific IT contributions that produce these outcomes will help CIOs focus on those areas for improvement, and lay the groundwork for eventually using predictive analytics to model various scenarios, perform what-if analysis, and improve overall decision-making.

  • Optimizing your practice by integrating the clinical and business processes with your back-office operational processes into a unified cohesive business delivery.

  • We provide an impartial examination of your company’s expenditures and identify areas for potential ‘profit leaks'.

  • Cutting cost in business without cutting capabilities and performance is achieved by optimizing each employee. Are your employees spending the majority of their day “on the revenue line”?

There are opportunities for Healthcare to learn from manufacturing and Lean principles and business process optimization. HC3 Advisors having experience in both manufacturing and healthcare can assist your organization in findings new ways to streamline processes and eliminate waste.

Helping Business Understand IT Asset Value

IT Asset Management - Understanding the Business Capability that your assets are providing is key to understanding the asset’s value and operational significance to your business.

  • Complete coverage of the entire IT Asset life cycle, from requisition to retirement.

  • Well defined processes to ensure efficient, consistent and accurate execution of IT asset management tasks.

  • Effective tools that provide process support and automation.

  • Continuous process improvement to achieve increasingly greater levels of maturity.

HC3 Advisors can help you determine the frequency with which you should calculate and report on each asset's metric. Create methods and procedures that document the details of all the benefits. Categorize each benefit type and develop the standardized set of processes that will be used to measure that metric on a consistent basis.

Asset Management
People Working in Open Office

Understanding the real business value of your IT assets.

Operational Metrics & Reporting
Market Analysis

How to structure the gathering and reporting of IT operational metrics and present them to different audiences in a manner that they understand and can act upon.

We view operational excellence as a journey that starts with helping our clients see and act upon untapped opportunities to improve their operational performance.

  • Developing KPIs that are based on effective and efficient delivery of core IT services.

  • KPIs that aligns to the value IT provides to the business that show how it helps to drive the right business outcomes at the right time for its customers.

  • KPIs for the IT organization that show that IT is getting the basics right and establishing an environment that has a data hierarchy aligned around the IT organization’s goals and objectives.

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